Wednesday, December 14, 2022

New Free Content Coming To Sonic Frontiers (2023 Road Map)

The Sonic Frontiers 2023 roadmap has been released by SEGA, and it includes new outfits, playable characters, and story content. So far, three significant upgrades are scheduled to be issued in the spring, summer, and fall. Photo mode and costumes are also on the way, with the first being the free Holiday Cheer Suit Sonic outfit, which will be available on December 21st. The addition of additional playable characters and story content is the most intriguing, however the company did not expand, so speculate as you will.

Sonic Frontiers 2023 Road Map:

  • Update 1:will add Sound Mode, Photo Mode, and a new Challenge Mode.
  • Update 2 will add new Kocos and an Open Zone Challenge Mode. Also, content will be added to celebrate Sonic’s birthday!
  • Update 3 will add new playable characters and additional scenarios!

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