Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Nintendo Switch Firmware Has Been Updated To Version 11.0.0

Nintendo has released a major update to the Nintendo Switch firmware, bringing it to version 11.0.0. This update adds Nintendo Switch Online to the HOME Menu, a Trending area for the User Page, and much more. Official patch notes have been released for the update, so we’ve included them for you in full down below.

Nintendo Switch Online was added to the HOME Menu.

A new feature that automatically downloads backed up save data was added to the Save Data Cloud.

  • When using software with the same Nintendo Account linked to multiple systems, save data backed up from one console will automatically be downloaded to your other system(s).
    *To use this feature, it must be enabled under System Settings > Data Management > Save Data Cloud.
    *Save data will not be downloaded automatically unless save data for that software exists on the console. The first time only, users must download the save data manually.
    *A Nintendo Switch Online membership is required to use the Save Data Cloud service.

A new Trending feature was added to the User Page.

  • Users can check what software their friends are playing or have started playing recently.
    Information will not be displayed for friends who have their online status set to display to no one.

Users can now transfer screenshots and videos from Album to their smart devices.

  • Users can wirelessly connect their smart devices to Nintendo Switch to transfer the screenshots and videos saved within their Album.
  • For screenshots, users can transfer a maximum of 10 screenshots and 1 video capture at once.
    *To connect, users must use their smart device to scan the QR Code displayed on the Nintendo Switch screen.
    For more information, please refer to the Nintendo Support website.
    *“QR Code” is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.

A new Copy to a Computer via USB Connection feature was added under System Settings > Data Management > Manage Screenshots and Videos.

  • Users can use a USB cable to connect Nintendo Switch to their computers to copy the screenshots and videos saved under Album.
    * A USB charging cable [model HAC-010] or a USB-IF certified USB cable that supports data transfer is required to connect to a computer.
    For more information, please refer to the Nintendo Support website.
    * Connection via the Nintendo Switch dock is not supported. Please connect the Nintendo Switch system directly to the computer.

Users can now select what download to prioritize when there are multiple downloads in progress.

  • When there are multiple software, update data, or downloadable content downloads in progress, users can now select which they want to download first.
  • You can set this under Download Options by selecting the icon for the software you want to download first on the HOME Menu.

User icons were added.

  • 12 user icons that commemorate the 35th anniversary of the Super Mario Bros. series were added.

Users can now name preset button mappings with the Change Button Mapping feature.

Brazilian Portuguese was added as a supported language.

  • When users set their region to the Americas and their language to Português, the language used on the HOME Menu and in certain software will be displayed in Brazilian Portuguese.

Several issues were fixed, and usability and stability were improved.

DOOM Eternal Comes To Nintendo Switch On December 8th

The next installment in the DOOM franchise, DOOM Eternal, will be coming to Nintendo Switch on December 8th. The game will only be available to buy digitally through the Nintendo eShop store.

Super Nintendo World In Japan Will Open On February 4th 2021

The highly-anticipated Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan will open its doors to the public on February 4th 2021. Folks will soon be able to ride the Mario Kart
rollercoaster, go to Bowser’s Castle, eat at the Mario Cafe and more. We’ve also been treated to some new official photos showing some interesting images of what’s in store for Nintendo and Universal fans with a closer look at the Mario Kart ride, a huge Bowser statue and some beautiful looking trophies.

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Red Dead Online Is Now A Standalone Game

 Red Dead Online has launched as a standalone game for a small fee. Starting today until February 15, 2021, Red Dead Online will be available to purchase by itself on both the Epic Games Store and on Steam for $5, as well as the PlayStation and Microsoft Stores, in addition to the Rockstar Game Launcher. 

For those that choose to purchase Red Dead Online as a standalone, they will have access to all of the past and current content immediately with future content updates included. Become a Bounty Hunter, become one with the wild as a Naturalist, or become a Naturalist's worst enemy as a Trader; players can do all of that and more within Red Dead Online. After February 15, the price will rise from $5 to $20.

PlayStation Plus Games For December 2020

 The PlayStation Plus titles for December have been announced, Rocket Arena, Just Cause 4 and Worms Rumble for PS4. All games will be available to download until January 4. Worms Ruble can also be played on PS5. Here’s the full list of games: 


  • Worms Rumble


  • Worms Rumble
  • Rocket Arena
  • Just Cause 4 

Xbox Live Games With Gold For December 2020

Here are the Games with Gold games for December 2020. Below you can see the full list of games and when they will be available. 

Xbox One

  • The Raven Remastered - Available from December 1-31
  • Bleed 2 - Available from December 16 - January 15

Xbox 360 

  • Saints Row Gat Out Of Hell - Available from December 1-15
  • Stacking - Available from December 16-31

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Cuphead DLC Has Been Delayed

 Studio MDHR, the developers behind Cuphead, have
announced that the long-awaited downloadable content titled The Delicious Last Course has been delayed. The DLC has been in development for quite sometime now and the reason for this delay is due to the coronavirus pandemic and the fact that the team also want to make sure that the overall quality of the DLC matches the main game. A release date or a release window hasn’t been announced for the DLC. Here’s the statement made by Studio MDHR in the tweet below.