Friday, April 29, 2022

Capcom Updates Its Best-Selling Franchise List

Capcom has revised its best-sellers list, and the Resident Evil brand, which debuted in 1996 and has remained a sales powerhouse for the Japanese business, remains at the top.
Resident Evil is by far their most successful IP, with 123 million copies sold to date. Fans of the Ace Attorney series will be thrilled to learn that it is Capcom's eighth best-selling series, having sold over 8.9 million copies since its inception in 2001. The following are the top 10 best-selling Capcom IPs.

  1. Resident Evil: 123M
  2. Monster Hunter: 78M
  3. Street Fighter: 47M
  4. Mega Man: 37M
  5. Devil May Cry: 25M
  6. Dead Rising: 14M
  7. Marvel Vs Capcom: 10M
  8. Ace Attorney: 8.9M
  9. Onimusha: 8.5M
  10. Lost Planet: 6.4M

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