Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Sony’s Version Of Game Pass Could Cost Up To $16 A Month

According to VentureBeat's GamesBeat, Sony's PlayStation Game Pass competitor will feature three tiers that will cost $10, $13, and $16 per month. The all-in-one gaming subscription service codenamed Spartacus was initially reported on by Bloomberg in December. Spartacus, according to the materials seen by the newspaper, would combine the benefits of
PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus, and would most likely be accessible for the PS4 and PS5. This new report provides more information about the service and what each tier entails.

The categories for Spartacus will apparently be called Essential, Extra, and Premium, with the first being PlayStation Plus in its present form. It will still cost $10 a month, and you will have access to new titles to add to your library. Meanwhile, the Extra tier will set you back $13 and provide you access to both the monthly games and a game library with hundreds of previous titles to download. It's possible that its catalog is the same as PS Now's.

Finally, the Premium tier costs $16 per month and includes all of the above benefits, as well as access to PS Now's streaming capabilities and a library of vintage titles. It will also offer you access to a feature known as "game trials," which will allow you to download and play new PS games before they are released. If it's anything like EA's game trials, you'll only be able to play a title for a certain amount of time until it becomes live.

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