Monday, January 31, 2022

CD Projekt Red Working On New The Witcher Gwent Game, To Be Released This Year

CD Projekt Red is working on a single-player, standalone Gwent game, which will be released this year.

Project Golden Nekker is the codename for this Gwent game, which is based on the famous card game of the same name in the studio's Witcher games, according to IGN. Golden Nekker, according to IGN, would be different from earlier incarnations of CDPR's Gwent games, seeking to deliver a "captivating single-player experience."

Players will not need to own previous CDPR Gwent games to play it because it is a standalone game. You're ready to play as soon as you start Golden Nekker.

“It’s not another Witcher Tales game, but something different,” Gwent communications head Pawel Burza told IGN. “We’re aiming to provide a captivating single-player experience for players who prefer it over competitive multiplayer Gwent.” 

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