Monday, September 6, 2021

GameBoy And GameBoy Color Games Rumored To Be Coming To Nintendo Switch Online Soon

Members of Nintendo Switch Online have had instant access to a large variety of classic NES and SNES titles, with online multiplayer functionality and new releases being added on a regular basis. For a while now, many fans have been wondering if support for additional consoles could eventually come to the subscription service. According to a recent rumor, it may finally be happening, with Game Boy and Game Boy Color.
Back when the NES Online application first launched, dataminers quickly got to work and discovered that four different emulators were hiding within the code. The first two were quite obviously for NES and SNES, but the other two, codenamed “Hiyoko” and “Count,” have since remained a total mystery. On the latest episode of the “Nate the Hate” podcast (hosted by known insider NateDrake alongside Modern Vintage Gamer), the two hosts discuss that “Hiyoko” is likely reserved for Game Boy and Game Boy Color. Nintendo Life has also contacted their own sources to touch on the subject, which they then confirmed that the announcement could be happening “really soon.

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