Thursday, August 12, 2021

Apex Legends Cross-Progression Coming In 2022

Those of you hoping for cross-progression in Apex Legends will have to wait a bit longer says development studio, Respawn Entertainment. While the game supports cross-play with other systems, cross-progression is the next natural step for the game. The news comes from Respawn’s director of comms ‘rkrigney’ who recently participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything thread. Here’s what was said:

 “Cross-progression is gnarly as hell in terms of being a problem to solve,” they explain. “It’s not only that you have to solve the technical challenge of merging existing accounts, but there are also legal and contractual issues to navigate with purchasing on other platforms. Different regions have different laws. It’s a mess.” 

“Rkrigney also confirms that the team is “working on it, and we’re committed to delivering it” – although the rough release date isn’t until “next year.”

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