Monday, June 14, 2021

Rocksmith+ Is A Subscription Service For Learning Guitar And Bass

Ubisoft has announced a new addition in the Rocksmith franchise with Rocksmith+, a subscription service that aims to help you learn guitar and bass. You can connect your instrument to your PC, console or mobile device and practice by playing along with master recordings of a variety of songs. 

Rocksmith+ works with acoustic instruments and amps as well, since you can use your phone's microphone to pick up what you're playing. So there’s no need for any extra gear. You'll get real-time feedback as you're playing, and songs will have adaptive difficulty. You'll be able to control playback speed, so you can slow tracks down and really get to grips with them. Rocksmith+ will feature a variety of genres, not just rock and metal. Pop, hip hop, country, Latin and R&B tunes will be apart of the game too. 

Every song will have chord charts for rhythm players and there will be note-by-note "authentic arrangements," too. You'll be able to create your own arrangements for licensed songs through the Rocksmith Workshop as well. Rocksmith+ will cost you $15 a month or $100 a year. A release date wasn’t given, however, you can sign up now for a closed beta on PC.

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