Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Coming To iOS & Android Late November 2017

The Animal Crossing mobile Direct from Nintendo contained plenty of news for those looking forward to the upcoming Animal Crossing mobile game. The game is officially called Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. As the name suggests, the game takes place in a campsite. You can be a boy or a girl, and customize their skin color, hair color and eye color. In this Animal Crossing, you own a Camper, or trailer, a tiny home you can decorate with furniture. The Camper can be customized both externally and internally. For example, the color and design of your Camper can be changed by heading over to OK Motors. The furniture can be crafted by talking to Cyrus and placing orders with materials you can collect, and they can also be arranged in your home. You can also get amenities for your Campsite, such as a pool, that take a while to finish. However, Tom Nook can help you speed up the process if you give him enough Leaf Tickets, which can be obtained by purchasing them with real money, or obtaining them by playing the game. That, along with Bells, can be obtained by completing goals. You can also get Bells by shaking trees, or by selling things like bugs and minerals. However, the Leaf Tickets are your biggest asset.  Exchanging tickets can give you honey that can be used to trap tons of bugs and mine plenty of materials.
Time passes just like in real life. Morning, day, evening and night exist in the game you can check out a forest, beach, river and more. You can fish and there is, of course, the ability to shop. There is a Marketplace, where you will be able to talk to Timmy and Tommy Nook, The Able Sisters and Kicks. The selection at each shop rotates, but you won’t be spending time just shopping. Your animal friends will be of assistance, and you can talk to them to receive requests. These requests, if finished, grant you rewards. They even have their own friendship level, something you share with each animal. By leveling their friendship up and decorating your house with their favorite items, they will come visit your campsite. However, it won’t be just in-game friends visiting you. Your real life friends, if they have the game and your Player ID, can visit your home and vise versa. You can exchange bells for their bugs, fruit, and more. You can even give them kudos if things go well with them, along with a friend request. If the two of you become Pocket Camp friends, then you will be able to visit their campsite at any time.

The game will release on iOS and Android in late November 2017. You can pre-register for the game right here. If you missed the Direct, you can check it out down below. 

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