Thursday, September 18, 2014

Think Twice Before Updating Your iPhone 4s To iOS 8

Apple’s feature packed iOS 8 will slow down common tasks on the iPhone 4s , including two times slower launching of stock apps, almost three seconds longer booting and more. In addition to the performance takes a hit, the 3year old phone is incompatible with certain hardware dependent iOS 8 features such as Handoff, AirDrop, the OpenGL ES 3.0 and Metal graphics run time and more. Messages, which is arguably the most popular stock iOS app, is fortunately only marginally slower to launch. Despite slower performance, iOS 8 on the iPhone 4s isn’t near as bad as iOS 7 on the iPhone 4. A few examples:

  • Safari opens 70 percent slower
  • Camera needs an additional 0.3 seconds to launch
  • Settings is more than 30 percent slower to open
  • Calendar loads about 60 percent longer
  • Cold booting the device requires an additional three seconds to complete

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