Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Next Xbox Consoles’ Rumored To Come In Local and Cloud Variations In 2020

During E3 2018, it was rumored that Microsoft was was no the next generation of Xbox consoles. Now according to a report from tech site Thurrott,  Microsoft is planning to make a traditional console as well as a streaming box as a cheaper option.
First, Thurrott reports, Microsoft is indeed going to release a traditional console as they have always done. This means a singular box with up-to-date hardware inside to play games locally. It is unknown what hardware it will contain as the development on the hardware seems to be early, but one would expect a generational leap over the Xbox One. What’s interesting is that a second device is rumored to also be in the works. This box will be hardware-light, mostly for accepting controller inputs, displaying an image to the screen, and collision detection according to Thurrott. That means it's not just a streaming box as we know it, but one that offloads some computational ability to the local hardware. It is pointed out in the report that this makes the Xbox-lite a bit more expensive than you would think but still a lot cheaper than a traditional console. 
Thurrott reports that Microsoft has cracked the latency issue with cloud-based gaming and likens the lag more to a multiplayer match than existing streaming solutions. They say the Xbox-Lite is further along in development than the traditional console and both are aiming for release in 2020. Thoughts ?

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