Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Commodore 64 Mini Coming To North America This Fall

Retro Games Ltd. and Solutions 2 GO has announced the C64 Mini is coming to North America on October 9. The C64 Mini, a miniconsole in the same vein as the NES Classic and others before it, released in Europe earlier this year. The C64 Mini comes with a number of notable C64 titles, including School Daze, Monty Mole, Rubicon, and more. It also has a USB port with USB keyboard support to plug in and operate it as a computer just like the Commodore 64 when it released 36 years ago. It’s unknown what retailers the minconsole will come to in North America, but Retro Games Ltd. says they will have a full list before its October 9 release. Check out the promo video below. 

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