Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Here’s What You Need To Know About The Apple Watch Ultra

Apple has announced a biggie-sized (49mm), ruggedized smartwatch: the Apple Watch Ultra.

According to Apple, it is designed for endurance, exploration, and adventure. The Apple Watch Ultra features a 49mm titanium casing and a flat sapphire front crystal, revealing the largest and brightest Apple Watch display to date. A configurable Action button provides quick access to a variety of options.

Furthermore, the Apple Watch Ultra offers the longest battery life of any Apple Watch, lasting up to 36 hours under typical conditions. There's also a new low-power mode that Apple claims may increase battery life by 60 hours.

The Wayfinder watch face is optimized for the bigger Apple Watch Ultra display and contains a compass incorporated into the dial, as well as capacity for up to eight complications. The Apple Watch Ultra also includes three new bands: Trail Loop, Alpine Loop, and Ocean Band, each with its own design characteristics tailored to how you'll mostly use it, such as diving, jogging, ultramarathons, and so on.

The Apple Watch Ultra's shell rises to encompass all sides of the flat sapphire front crystal, safeguarding the Retina display, which is up to 2000 nits brighter than any other Apple Watch display. The new Action button in high-contrast international orange may be configured to provide quick access to functions such as Workouts, Compass Waypoints, Backtrack, and others.

The Apple Watch Ultra is now available for pre-order at, with shipping set to begin on Friday, September 23. The purchase includes three months of Apple Fitness+.

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