Friday, February 25, 2022

Here’s How To See What Games You Can Play On The Steam Deck

The Steam Deck is now available. You might be interested in seeing what games you can play on it. Fortunately, you can log into your Steam account and instantly check what's validated for Steam Deck, what's playable, and what won't function on it, thanks to a new Steam page. You'll notice four categories for your Steam Library games after less than a minute: Deck Verified Games From Your Library, Deck Playable Games From Your Library, Unsupported Deck Games From Your Library, and Untested Deck Games From Your Library.

Here’s what each means, according to Valve

  • Deck Verified: Valve’s testing indicates these titles from your Steam Library are fully functional on Steam Deck, and work great with built-in controls and display.
  • Deck Playable: Valve’s testing indicates these titles from your Steam Library are functional on Steam Deck, but might require extra effort to interact with or configure. 
  • Unsupported: Valve’s testing indicates these games in your Steam Library currently don’t function on Steam Deck. Valve is continuing to add support for more games over time. 
  • Untested: Valve’s testing team hasn’t yet gotten to the remaining games in your Steam library, but we’re testing new games every day. Come back often to see more of your library get Verified. 

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