Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Nintendo Switch Family Of Systems Have Now Sold 92.87 Million Units

Nintendo has provided updated global sales figures for the Switch family of systems. The Switch family of systems have sold 92.87 million units worldwide as of September 30th. For comparison the Nintendo 3DS lifetime sales are 75.94 million and the Wii U was 13.56. The system still has a way to go before it overtakes the 2006 gaming phenomenon which was the Wii, whose lifetime sales sit at 101.63 million.

Nintendo shifted 3.83 million Switch units during the July-September 2021 period, which Bloomberg says was down from the 4.45 million units sold a quarter earlier. Nintendo’s operating profit for the period was 100.2 billion yen which is far lower than analysts had expected. Nintendo’s expected operating profit for the period was 121.9 billion yen.

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