Wednesday, November 24, 2021

MultiVersus Features Characters Like Arya Stark, Bugs Bunny, Batman And More

Warner Bros. Games has announced MultiVersus, a free-to-play platform fighter game featuring team-based 2v2 combat between characters like Batman, Bugs Bunny, and Arya Stark. 

“Featuring matches with a strong emphasis on online cooperative gameplay, every fighter will be outfitted with a deep set of combat mechanics that distinguish the game’s fresh take on 2 vs. 2 gameplay,” a press release about the announcement reads. “This allows combatants to boast customizable movesets that combine dynamically with other characters as they battle for supremacy. From Wonder Woman and her Lasso truth attack being unexpectedly paired with Shaggy and his sandwich projectile, to Arya Stark’s face-swapping ability being used to complement Superman’s laser vision, the impossible can become possible through surprising team combinations and matchups.” 

One fascinating feature about MultiVersus is the voice cast, which features many of the original or best-known voice actors for these characters. 

Here are the characters and voice actors behind them that Warner Bros. Games revealed today: 

Batman, voiced by Kevin Conroy

Superman, voiced by George Newbern

Wonder Woman, voiced by Abby Trott

Harley Quinn, voiced by Tara Strong

Shaggy, voiced by Matthew Lillard

Bugs Bunny, voiced by Eric Bauza

Tom and Jerry, voiced by Eric Bauza

Arya Stark, voiced by Maisie Williams

Jake the Dog, voiced by John DiMaggio

Finn the Human, voiced by Jeremy Shada

Steven Universe, voiced by Daniel DiVenere

Garnet, voiced by Estelle

Reindog, a new original character, voiced by Andrew Frankel

MultiVersus comes to  PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC with cross-play, dedicated server rollback netcode, and more in 2022. 

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