Thursday, October 28, 2021

Xbox Series X/S Expansion Cards Now Come In 512GB And 2TB Options

If you’re looking for high-speed external storage for your Xbox Series X/S, you’ll have two new options coming in the next two months.

Announced on Xbox Wire today, Seagate will be selling two new Expansion Card sizes: 512GB for $139.99 and 2TB for $399.99. These will be joining the 1TB drive released alongside the Xbox Series consoles last fall that currently retails at $219.99.

Those looking to expand your storage for Xbox One or older games can do with a standard USB external drive, but if you want more space for new-gen games, you’ll have to get one of these storage cards. The reasoning is all about how fast games need to process information to provide faster loading speeds and higher-quality graphics and textures. 

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