Monday, May 17, 2021

A New Donkey Kong Game Is Rumored To Be In Development By Super Mario Odyssey Team

A new rumor is doing the rounds which suggests that Nintendo’s internal development team are taking over the Donkey Kong series and are busy readying a new 3D or 2.5D Donkey Kong game. The game is apparently being developed by the Super Mario Odyssey developers over at Nintendo EPD. Retro Studios currently have their hands full developing the next game in the Metroid Prime series after the Bandai Namco version of the game was scrapped by Nintendo. Nintendo Life says that they have heard the same thing about a new Donkey Kong game for Switch from a trusted source, however, they say that the game isn’t fully 3D. Instead it will be a 2.5D game. It should also be noted that it’s also Donkey Kong’s 40th anniversary, so hopefully we should see something at E3 if this rumor is real. 

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