Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Apple Announces Apple Watch Series 6, Featuring A Blood Oxygen Sensor

Apple has announced the Apple Watch Series 6. Starting at $399 for a GPS-only version, the new device sports a blood oxygen sensor for the first time and has other new features.
The blood oxygen sensor does readings in just 15 seconds, and even does periodic background measurements during sleep or workouts. Blood oxygen saturation is a very important measure of overall cardio-pulmonary health, so Apple is working with leading healthcare providers and universities on three new health studies covering asthma, heart failure, and flu. Who knows? Perhaps in a few years your Apple Watch will be able to warn you if you have the flu or some new pandemic disease!
Powered by the new S6 System In Package (SiP), the new Watch has a dual-core processor that’s 20% faster than the previous generation. The always-on display is also improved, and will be 2.5 in the “down” mode, creating even better visibility. A new Watch models always mean that new Watch faces will be available for the latest and greatest. In this case, there’s a GMT Face that shows the time in various locations with a simple tap-and-drag, a count face for timing, and a new ChronoGraph Pro face with a tachymeter. The Typography display displays the time in a number of typefaces and styles, while the Memoji face features.

Third-party faces are now available from several sources. One called Dawn Patrol is perfect for surfers, showing conditions at your favorite beach, and there was another called Notable for healthcare providers that displays upcoming appointments and patient info. Series 6 will be available in several new colors, including blue aluminum, gray-black, and a Product(RED) version. The big news were the new bands that will be available without clasps: the Solo Loop uses a stretchable soft silicone material, while the Braided Solo Loop weaves polyester yarn filaments into a comfortable fabric band. There’s also a Leather Link band that uses molded magnets to hold the pieces together.   
The Series 6 will be available for pre-order tomorrow with sales starting on Friday. Prices start at $399, with the cellular models starting at $499. 

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