Thursday, August 6, 2020

Sony Reveals What PS4 Peripherals And Accessories Will Work On PS5

Sony has revealed what PlayStation 4 peripherals and accessories will be compatible on PlayStation 5. The standard DualShock 4 controller will work with PlayStation 5, but only for supported PlayStation 4 games. The DualShock 4 cannot be used for PlayStation 5 games. In a post on PlayStation Blog, Sony's Isabelle Tomatis, who works on PlayStation VR, Peripherals Marketing and Licensing, clarifies this stance, saying "We believe that PS5 games should take advantage of the new capabilities and features we’re bringing to the platform, including the features of DualSense wireless controller." This rule also applies to third-party controllers.
Most other accessories are fully compatible with PlayStation 5. This includes the Platinum and Gold Wireless headsets (along with third-party devices that use USB or the audio jack), arcade sticks, flight sticks, and racing wheels. These items will work with with supported PlayStation 4 games and PlayStation 5 games.
The PlayStation Camera is also compatible with PlayStation 5 for PlayStation VR gaming. To use it on the new hardware, players will have to get a PlayStation Camera adaptor that Sony will provide at no additional cost. How do you get the adaptor? More info will be shared at a later date. Tomatis also says that PS Move Motion Controllers will work with supported PS VR games on PlayStation 5.


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