Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Here’s 65+ iOS 13 Features Not Talked About At WWDC

Here are 65+ iOS 13 features that Apple didn’t have time to talk about during their WWDC keynote. 

iOS 13 system:
  • Optimized battery charging
  • Single sign-on extension
  • Option to download large apps over cellular
  • Video downloads optimized for congestion in India
  • Wifi selection in Control center
  • Enhanced QR code scanning
  • Reading goals in Apple Books
  • Low Data Mode
  • Dolby Atmos playback
  • Bluetooth wireless splitter
FaceTime, Phone & Messages:
  • Improved search in Messages
  • Silence unknown callers
  • FaceTime on Dual SIM
  • iMessage on dual SIM
  • Location controls for Shared Photos
  • Seach enhancements in Photos
Reminders & Notes:
  • Folder Management in Notes
  • Customize appearance of Reminders lists
  • View only collaboration in Notes
  • More powerful search in Notes
  • New Checklist Option in Notes
MDM & Business:
  • Business Chat Suggestions
  • Data separation for BYOD
  • Managed Apple IDS for business
  • Modern authentication for device enrolment
Calendar & Mail & Contacts:
  • Add attachments to events in Calendar
  • New relationship labels in Contacts
  • Block sender in Mail
  • Mute thread in Mail
Keyboard & Language:
  • Separate Emoji and Globe Keys
  • Enhanced language setup
  • Thai-english bilingual dictionary
  • Hindi and English bilingual keyboard
  • Typing predictions for Hindi
  • Typing predictions for Dutch
  • Adjustable Chinese handwriting keyboard height
  • Typing predictions for Vietnamese
  • Typing predictions for Swedish
  • Language selection per app
  • Typing predictions for Cantonese
  • Typing predictions for Arabic
  • Vietnamese English bilingual dictionary
  • Refreshed Home accessory controls
  • Weak password warnings
  • Simultaneous phone calls on Dual SIM
  • Keyboard support for all 22 official Indian languages
  • New Indian language system fonts
  • Apple News+ in UK and Australia
  • Indian English Siri voices
  • Siri Suggestions in Apple Podcasts
  • Siri Event Suggestions from Third-party apps
  • Siri Shortcuts in Home automations
  • Conversational Siri shortcuts
CarPlay & Maps:
  • Second video stream support in CarPlay
  • CarPlay irregular screen size support
  • Hey Siri support in CarPlay
  • CarPlay adjustable screen size support
  • Do Not Disturb While Driving in CarPlay
  • Independent CarPlay app views
  • Light mode in CarPlay
  • Improved Report a problem in Maps
  • Maps Place Card enhancements
  • Updated Safari Start Page
  • Siri suggestions in Safari
  • Enhanced anti-fingerprinting protections in Safari

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