Thursday, March 21, 2019

Cuphead Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has announced that Cuphead is coming to the Nintendo Switch. The game can be pre-purchased from the Nintendo Switch eShop right now, and the game will release on April 18th. Nintendo thanked “our friends at Microsoft” for helping to bring the game to the console. Cuphead for the Nintendo Switch will be an in-house port and the team has optimized the game so that it runs similarly to the Xbox One and PC versions. Here’s the details:

  • In house port
  • Runs similarly to other versions
  • Team did heavy re-tooling to get it done on Switch properly
  • 60 frames per second
  • 720p in portable mode
  • 1080p docked
  • Identical output as the Xbox One version
  • Two-player in portable mode on one screen with Joy-Con (or a Pro Controller and a Joy-Con)
  • Playable at PAX East 2019

The official trailer can be watched down below.

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