Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Fire Emblem Heroes Has Been Updated To Version 2.0.0

A new update has been released for Fire Emblem Heroes on iOS and Android. The game is now at version 2.0.0. As for the update’s contents, a new feature was added, along with the arrival of “Book II”.
Patch notes
  • Book II has been added to Story Maps.
  • Added a new feature: Weapon Refinery.
  • Added new skills for the weapon type Staff.
  • Adjusted the cooldown for some Special skills.
  • Expanded the barracks by 100 for all users.

List of changes:

  • new skills available at 5 for Heroes using staves
  • the countdown trigger is reduced by 1 turn for some skills
  • free barrack extension (+ 100 Heroes)
  • stamina capped to 10 for Story and Paralogue maps
  • adds the Weapon Refinery
  • adds Book II (new main story)
  • new game icon

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