Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Marvel's Avengers Project Appears To Be An Online 3rd-Person Action Adventure Game

It looks like Crystal Dynamics' upcoming Avengers game will feature online play and will resemble a 3rd person cover based action adventure game. Thanks to NeoGAF user kirolak, we have a couple of job postings from Square-Enix subsidiary Crystal Dynamics for the upcoming game, which is currently called "The Avengers Project". One posting asks for applicants for a "Lead Level Designer" position, focusing on level development. The posting specifically refers to "fun and unique online experiences" and also asks for an understanding of "the social implications of shared gameplay", as well as referencing "various game modes and campaigns". The other posting on the other hand is asking for an experienced Combat Designer, who will work with the rest of the team to "plan, prototype and build combat systems that directly apply to a 3rd person cover based action adventure game." "The Avengers Project" is expected to release sometime in 2018.

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