Friday, June 16, 2017

Here’s More Info About Pokken Tournament DX For Nintendo Switch

Thanks to a Nintendo Treehouse live presentation for the upcoming Nintendo Switch version of Pokken Tournament DX. We learned a few more details from the stream.

  • 21 playable Pokemon
  • Litten/Popplio are a new set of support Pokemon
  • New battle stage, Thalia Beach
  • Decidueye has a move that acts as almost a debuff against your opponent
  • Popplio support lets you double jump
  • Decidueye has an almost floating-like movement to him, letting you delay your moves in the air
  • Runs at 60fps in docked and tabletop modes
  • Online has group matches, a new mode
  • Group matches includes groups of up to 100 players
  • Replay mode lets you see replays of friends matches as well as your own
  • Team Battles lets each player choose 3 Pokemon, and have one match of 3-on-3
  • New battle stage, Reggie Ruins
  • In Team Battle, you can choose the next Pokemon you want to bring out without your opponent knowing
  • Croagunk has an easy time evading its opponent, as it can run around quickly

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