Monday, July 11, 2016

Pokemon GO Plus Is Selling For Ridiculous Prices On eBay

The $35 Pokemon GO Plus wearable add on device doesn't have an official release date yet, but that hasn’t stopped a high resell price on eBay. The wearable is expected to launch sometime in July and it looks like it will be extremely tough to find one at that time. As this time, Pokemon Go Plus is no longer available on Amazon, GameStop and the Nintendo Store UK. Those desperate enough for the device will have to use eBay, where you’re guaranteed to pay upward of $100. The device links to a smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing players to collect items and catch Pokemon without glancing at their screen. It'll vibrate when Pokemon are nearby and players will only have to click a button to throw a Pokeball. The Pokemon Go Plus wearable is not necessary to play Pokemon Go, but it certainly makes thing a lot easier when searching for and catching Pokemon. I really hope they’ll come out with more in the future. Do you regret not pre-ordering Pokemon GO Plus ? Do you pre-order one and are happy that you did ? 

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