Saturday, February 6, 2016

Error 53 Will Make Your iPhone Useless

iPhone users have recently been complaining that their iPhones have been receiving and error message “Error 53”, which shows up on the phone’s screen and prevents it from doing anything. There appears to be no way of getting rid of the problem, and you’ll have to be a new phone to replace your now bricked one. The error happen when the phone has been repaired by a third-party. If unofficial parts are put into the phone, it will detect it and then shut the phone down, for good. Error 53 is related to repairing the home button, which also includes the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. The problems appear to occur because Apple wants to ensure that the hardware stays safe. Plain and simple, don’t go to any one else but Apple to fix your phone if it involves the software of the device. 

UPDATE 2/18/16 - A new support document on Apple’s site has been issued that details the causes and repair methods for Error 53.

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