Thursday, January 7, 2016

There Are 100+ VR Titles Currently In Development For Playstation VR

In an interview with the BBC, CEO Kaz Hirai confirmed that there are "about 100 or more" titles already in development for PlayStation VR. He also added that the 200 developers who had already signed up to the company's PlayStation VR Program were "a testament to the kind of support that we're getting from the content creation community on PlayStation VR". "I think we have a lot of good support," he said, "and it'll be a great product coming out later this year." Hirai also believes that the advance of virtual reality through video games will likely impact into other entertainment products, including movies. "With the install base of the PlayStation 4 close to 36 million units, that there in of itself is a huge audience we're going to cater to, and once we have a lot of people who are really into virtual reality through games I think then we'll be able to expand beyond gaming, especially because we have a lot of content that we create ourselves at Sony Pictures Entertainment." What do you think of VR ? 

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