Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Apple To Begin Selling The Hermès Apple Watch Collection On Friday

Apple and Hermès will begin offering the special edition Apple Watch Hermès on and starting on January 22, Fashionista reports. There are 10 Hermès models in total, split between the 3 bands. Priced at $1,250, the leather Double Tour, which wraps twice around the wrist, includes a 38mm stainless steel watch case. The band is available in 2 colors: Fauve, Bleu Jean, Etain and Capucine. The Single Tour is a more classic design that includes a 38 or 42mm stainless steel Apple Watch at prices that start at $1,100. It too comes in several colors, including Fauve, Noir, and Capucine (38mm only). The Cuff, a thicker cuff-style band, is priced at $1,500 and ships with a 42mm stainless steel Apple watch and is only available in Fauve. What do you think of the Hermès Apple Watch ? Seems a bit expensive, but what do I know about fashion. Wonder how this model of the Apple Watch sells.

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