Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Nyko Is Bringing The Data Bank Add On To Xbox One

Nyko already released a hard drive conversion kit for the PlayStation 4, which allows you to use larger 3.5-inch hard drives with the PS4. Now Nyko is offering something similar to Xbox One users.Unlike the PlayStation 4, which replaces the internal hard drive of the console, the Xbox One uses external hard drives for additional space. The Xbox One Data Bank is a housing for 3.5-inch drives. This version of the Data Bank plugs into a rear USB port and requires a separate power supply. The Nyko Data Bank for XboxOne will cost you $40 and is available now. As someone who purchased the PS4 data bank, I don’t recommend that you buy this product. The PS4 supports up to 6 TB hard drives, while with the data bank that is impossible as anything higher then 2 TB will cause booting issues with the PS4. Sure, this might be different with the Xbox One, but this is just food for thought. You probably better off with an external hard drive for your Xbox One and a 2 TB internal drive for your PS4. 

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