Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Rock Band 4 AMA

Harmonix held an AMA ("Ask Me Anything") today on Reddit addressing questions about Rock Band 4. Below is a list all noteworthy information combed from the thread, which you can check out here.
  • Working on addressing exploit bugs/glitches that allow players to cheat and gain 5000-ish points during fill sections, arbitrarily putting them at the top leaderboard position.
  • No plans for an M-rated version that retains a song’s original swear words.
  • The Doors packs (bug that causes you to buy them again or wait) are coming in 2016.
  • Working on addressing Xbox One bug that forces hard crash near the end of songs.
  • Previous Rock Band exports won’t be available for those who missed them the first time and there are currently no plans to sell those tracks as DLC. 
  • More character creation assets on the way
  • Xbox One support for ION drums are being worked on. No other info was given. 
  • Rock Band Network export could happen, but is tricky due to licensing and not a priority
  • Keyboard and Pro Guitar support are never returning to Rock Band
  • Official Rock Band 4 tournaments are a possibility
  • No plans to update legacy tracks with existing features (ex. freestyle play)
  • The Beatles: Rock Band export will never happen  
  • Green Day export coming to PS4 in 2016
  • Harmonix uses naming conventions that artists provide, so multiple uses remain. For example: HIM/H.I.M.
  • Double-pedal support for drums not coming anytime soon, but isn’t a total impossibility
  • Improved track search options are a possibility
  • No announcements for PC support 
  • Rock Band 4 won’t release for Wii U, but Harmonix is interested in bringing the game to “whatever Nintendo brings next”

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