Friday, November 6, 2015

Google To Follow In Apple’s Steps In Building Their Own Mobile Chips

It appears that Google is in talks with chipset manufacturers to design their own processors and other components for future Android devices. Google is interested in following Apple’s footsteps in an effort to make Android “more competitive” at the high end of the market. “The designs enable new features Google hopes to implement within Android software in the next few years, according to people briefed on the discussions.” Apple designs its own A-series chips, allowing the company to optimize them specifically for its own hardware and software. Where as Google relies on third-party hardware, which means it is unable to design its Android code especially for certain components. This means Android isn’t always as efficient and as fast as Google would want it to be. It’s unclear which manufacturers Google is in talks with, but Qualcomm is a likely choose as they are one of the biggest chip venders for Android devices. What do you think of Google doing this ? 

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