Monday, October 19, 2015

Here’s What You Agreed To When You Updated To OS X El Capitan

Most if not all of us bother reading through software license agreements and just click the agree button. A lawyer and developer Robb Schecter read through Apple’s end user license agreement for OS X El Capitan and put it in plain English for everyone to understand and so you didn’t have to read it yourself. Here are a few highlights from Schecter’s article:
  • Apple didn’t sell you this software. They still own it, in fact, you’re just borrowing it, just like any other Apple software.
  • Slideshows made with Photos cannot be used for commercial purposes.
  • You cannot use El Capitan with illegal copies of anyone’s stuff.
  • Running El Capitan on Hackintoshes and non-Apple hardware is prohibited
  • You must not operate a nuclear power plant with El Capitan 
  • Using MPEG/H.264/AVC videos created on your Mac for commercial purposes requires additional licensing for the coded.

This is basically apple just covering their ass so they don’t get sued. I can understand that but some of this stuff seems ridiculous, like gee thanks Apple for letting us borrow you software. But then again i suppose thats how most software is these days. What do you think about the license agreement for OS X El Capitan ?

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