Thursday, October 29, 2015

Batman: Arkham Knight Is Still Having Issues On PC

Batman: Arkham Knight has returned to Steam following its being taken down of bugs after its launch. Soon after the game returned, comments on Steam and Reddit reveal problems including stuttering, plummeting frame rates and freezing are still rife. Warner Bros. has acknowledged its failed to fix 2 bugs that plagued the game. A blog post warns players of a GPU issue affecting Windows 7 users that gappen after "extended gameplay sessions" and sees a hard drive paging issue occur. To solve this, you need to relaunch the game. The post also advises Windows 10 owners to have "at least 12GB of system RAM" in order to "operate without paging and provide a smoother gameplay experience." Warner Bros. just can’t catch a break with this game on PC. My question is why even release it back on Steam if they knew they had 2 more bugs to fix. What do you think ?

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