Thursday, November 20, 2014

Department Of Justice Says That iMessage Encryption Will Kill Kids

The U.S. Department of Justice has issued a warning to Apple executives as a response to increased privacy protections added to iOS 8. They said children might die because we can’t hack into bad guys’ iMessages. Deputy Attorney General James Cole met with Apple executives last month to discuss privacy issues, but after making the ridiculous claim that the blood of dead children will be on Apple’s hands if it doesn’t give the NSA access to iMessages, the talks have ended in a standoff. The sensationalist claims come just a few weeks after the director of the FBI made similar accusations against Apple in a Washington Post column, saying iOS encryption would lead to deaths. The director’s iOS death factory claims were eventually retracted by the paper, but the government’s venom toward Apple doesn’t appear to be lessening. iMessages are now encrypted in iOS 8 and can’t be accessed without the users’ passcode, even with a court issued warrant. Law enforcement officials are afraid they’ll be unable to catch terrorist and killers without the access. However, Apple executives reportedly told officials they could get the same information elsewhere, like from telecommunications networks, backup computers, or even others phones.

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