Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Apple Release iOS 8.2 Beta And WatchKit SDK For Developers

Apple release iOS 8.1.1 the other day and has already released the iOS 8.2 beta to developers. Apple also released WatchKit SDK for developers to start working on apps for the Apple Watch. WatchKit can currently be used to create Glances, actionable notifications, and Apple Watch apps that are powered by the iPhone. Many Apple Watch apps will be driven by code that runs on the iPhone, with a UI that displays content on the watch itself. As described by Apple, actionable notifications are notifications that allow users to take an action or respond directly from their wrists with the Apple Watch, turning off the lights when they've left the house, for example, or accessing flight information at an airport. Glances are somewhat simpler, aiming to give users quick information at a glance like news, weather, sports scores, and more. Apple Watch will be released in early 2015," but an exact date is unknown.

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