Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Microsoft Announces Windows 10

Today Microsoft unveiled the latest version Windows operating system, named Windows 10. The new version looks more like a pre Windows 8 Start Menu, revealing a list of apps, folders, and a search bar, but to the side will be a series of Live Tiles. Basically, you'll find a Windows 7 Start Menu with a Windows 8 twist. Windows 8 style apps can now be windowed within the traditional desktop, adding more flexibility in how you use them currently, they can only be used at full screen or within the confines of "snapped" windows. For the newly designed windowed apps, you will be able to snap them to the edges of the screen like you would from the traditional Windows desktop. While a Windows 7 style Start Menu is good and all for mouse users, Microsoft will also introduce a different version for those using touchscreen computers. Instead of a small menu consisting of a bunch of text and small Live Tiles, touch users will be greeted with something that more resembles the Windows 8 UI, while still in the traditional desktop. Microsoft will be launching its Windows Insider Program tomorrow, offering a preview build for both laptops and desktops. Windows 10 will be available sometime in 2015.

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