Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sony Didn't Know About Tomb Raider's Exclusivity In Advance

When speaking to Eurogamer,  Shuhei Yoshida (President of Sony's Worldwide Studios for Sony Computer Entertainment) spoke about the prospect the of Square Enix title coming to PS4. Yoshida said “Tomb Raider being exclusive. It's very interesting the way Phil Spencer said, what we are saying is, in holiday 2015 Tomb Raider is exclusive to Xbox. So it's open to interpretation. But still, we didn't anticipate something like this would happen," he explained. How could we know? They might have to our third-party relations team, but I didn't know. I hope the game will come out eventually on PS4. But how can I tell? Other than that cryptic message by Phil Spencer. If you're a marketing person at Square Enix and projecting your sales for the game, if it doesn't come out on PS4, it must be lots of units that have to be covered by some means." Rise Of The Tomb Raider is set to come out on Xbox One Holiday 2015

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