Thursday, August 7, 2014

Apple Wants Your iOS Screenshots To Look Perfect

It seems like a weird thing, but people who review iOS apps on the web are often ashamed of their status bars. When they post screenshots of an app, they feel embarrassed by the fact that they don’t have a full signal from their cellular carrier, or a clear connection to WiFi, or 100% battery life even. It’s an expression of the pursuit of perfection that marks Apple and its fans as a whole. You wouldn’t think this is an issues that Apple would really care about. But apparently, it is and in OS X Yosemite and iOS 8, they’ve figured out a way to fix it. When using QuickTime in Yosemite’s new ability to record video of what’s on an iOS 8 device’s screen while mirroring your device screen, the new QuickTime gives you 100% cellular, Wi-Fi, and battery, and change the time your status bar. Even if you only have 5% battery left.

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