Thursday, July 14, 2022

Nintendo Issues Heatwave Warning To Switch Owners

With temperatures rising in certain areas of the world and summer still in full swing in North America, Nintendo issued a heatwave warning to Switch owners, advising them that the system can only be used in temperatures of up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius ).

Nintendo Life cited Nintendo Japan's Customer Service Twitter account, which warned Switch users to avoid extreme temperatures and keep the intake and exhaust ports open. The good news is that if the console becomes too hot, it will go to sleep automatically. And for those who enjoy playing with the Switch port, keep the setup cool.

The following is a translation of the tweet:

"If you use the Nintendo Switch in a hot place, the temperature of the main unit may become high. Please use in the place of 5 to 35C. Also, if the intake and exhaust ports are blocked, the temperature of the main unit may rise. Make the air around the intake and exhaust ports better. If the temperature of the main unit becomes too high, it may sleep automatically to protect the main unit. When playing in TV mode, install the Nintendo Switch Dock in a location that does not retain heat. If there is foreign matter or dust on the air intake/exhaust port of the main unit, remove it with a vacuum cleaner. For your safety, do not disassemble the main unit." 

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