Friday, November 6, 2015

HTC’s One A9 Ad Looks Like Apples 1984 Ad

HTC and its latest smartphone, the One A9 have been accused of copying the iPhone 6 design even though HTC begs to differ. But now, HTC has a brand new advertising campaign that seems very similar to Apple’s “Be Different” commercial. The 90-second commercial titled “Be Brilliant”, stars a young runner is portrayed in a dystopian-like world where everything is white and clean, which to some seems Apple-like. Some even point out that the runner can be seen kicking a bunch of white apples to make a point, Is that a stab at Apple ? The commercial tries to inspire smartphone owners to “Be Different. Be Loud. Be Inspired. Be Free. Be Brilliant,” as the tagline suggests, sounds kinda familiar does it ? What do you think ? 

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