Thursday, November 5, 2015

PlayStation Collectible Cards Will Be Given Out At PlayStation Experience

Remember those playing cards that Sony gave away at last year’s PlayStation Experience ? Well Sony has announced that it will be releasing the cards as a collectible card game at this year's PlayStation Experience. The PlayStation Collectible Cards are described on the PlayStation blog as being like baseball cards for video games - "with way more aliens, superheroes, mechs, and tentacles." The first 35 cards of the series will be released at PlayStation Experience in December, but Sony says there are 66 in total if you count the rare and common versions of certain cards. Sony admits it'll be next to impossible for anyone to collect them all. I guess there is always eBay. In other to get the cards at you’ll simply to play some games at the event. Sony didn't reveal which booths or events the cards will be given away and will be in limited supply. It looks like these cards will be event exclusive, which sucks for those of us who can’t attend the event. The only way the rest of us will be able get are hands on these cards is by paying an obscene amount of money on eBay, unfortunately. What do you think of Sony doing this ? Seems like a nice way to celebrate Playstation Experience, but as I said sucks for the rest of us who want the cards and can’t attend. 

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