Sunday, June 14, 2015

Duck Hunt, Mr.Game & Watch, R.O.B. And More Are Getting There Own Amiibos

Nintendo confirmed today that every character in Super Smash Bros. is getting an Amiibo. The newly announced Amiibos are R.O.B., Duck Hunt, Mr. Game & Watch, and Falco. The Mr. Game & Watch figure comes with different accessories that allow for different poses. Nintendo also revealed Amiibos for the Mii Fighters. This line features default bodies for the Fighter, Swordfighter, and Gunner. Mewtwo, Lucas, Roy, and Ryu are also getting their own figures sometime in the future. R.O.B., Duck Hunt, Mr. Game & Watch and the Mii Fighters and due out in September with Zero Suit Samus, Dr.Mario, Olimar and Ganondorf. Falco will be released sometime during the holiday of this year. 

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