Thursday, February 12, 2015

Phorm - A Different Way To Type On A Touch Screen

Tactus Technology is introducing a interesting new keyboard case today called Phorm that promises to bring tactile feedback to the typing experience while still using the touch screen keyboard. Phorm uses microfluids to raise a segments of a screen protector kept on with a frame and protective case to apply physical keys that appear and disappear at the swipe of switch. The goal is to improve typing speed and accuracy when typing with the iPad without requiring a keyboard you have to charge or pair with your tablet. Check out the video below to see Phorm in action. While the Phorm case adds tactile feedback to typing for use in portrait mode, it’s not designed to support tactile typing for landscape typing with the larger keyboard. The case is also only designed for use with Apple’s stock keyboard. Tactus is only targeting the 7.9-inch iPad mini with its first run of Phorm cases for Apple hardware while Phorm keyboard case won’t yet support the 9.7-inch iPad lineup, but that includes all three generations of the iPad mini. Anyone interested in Phorm for other devices including the iPhone 6 and iPad Air can vote on the company’s website.

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