Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Niantic Talks About Its Continuing Commitment To Pokémon GO Real-World Play

 Pokemon GO has been available on mobile devices for almost 7 years at this point. Niantic continues to provide the game with a ton of support, and the most recent illustration of this can be seen in a new blog post the business published on the official Pokemon GO website.

Niantic had made the decision to talk about "our renewed commitment to improving Pokémon GO's in-person experience" in the blog post. The corporation specifically mentions the Community Ambassador Program, Campfire, and game updates as three components that assist their effort.

Niantic says they're working on ways to make it simpler for users to take part in local Raid Battles and develop friendships with Trainers they've engaged in combat with. They also intend to include "new features that provide rewards and encounters with additional Pokémon while roaming outside" and "enhancements to the gaming experience when playing in person with family and friends".

The second feature Niantic introduced was Campfire, which allowed "Trainers to interact, discover local groups, and find active nearby Raid Battles". Despite the fact that they did not provide any specifics, they did state that further upgrades would be coming "soon" for Campfire.

Last but not least, Niantic discussed the Community Ambassador Program, which aims to "nurture in-person Pokémon GO communities while also developing new communities for Trainers to find". Niantic just mentions that they "look forward to sharing additional details about the initiative later this year, including new ways to join and celebrate your local community" in their statement regarding it.

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