Thursday, June 22, 2017

Blizzard Improves Loot Box And Highlight Systems In Overwatch

In the latest developer update, Blizzard addressed some issues Overwatch players have had with the game's loot box and highlight features. A new "Recently Captured" tab to the Highlights menu has been added. Players would previously see what the game thought were their best plays from their last 2matches. Now, you can bind a key to record up to 32 of your own highlights. On console, these clips can be downloaded to the system's media library. On PC, highlights can be downloaded and output in 4K, 60 frames-per-second on any computer, regardless of its specs. Loot boxes are also seeing significant improvements. Blizzard has "drastically" reduced the rate of duplicates, and to compensate for the amount of currency players would earn from pulling the same item twice, the overall amount of credits players will draw from loot boxes will increase. These changes are live now on the PTR. To hear more about the latest update, check out the video below.

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