Friday, December 4, 2015

Rock Band VR Is Coming In 2016

What was properly one of the most surprising and interesting announcements (at least to me) at The Game Awards 2015 was that Rock Band is coming to VR and exclusively for Oculus Rift. Harmonix has spoken about the "incredibly exciting" opportunities thanks to virtual reality. Rock Band VR reverses the prospective to make Rock Band similar to Guitar Hero Live (without the horrible live action video). Oculus Rift launches in Q1 2016, with Rock Band VR coming some time in 2016. No details are available yet about how the controls are being handled, but you can watch the announcement video below. I’m really excited to see what this does for Rock Band 4 and what kind of experience it add to the game, or maybe it's it's own separate game ? What do you think of Rock Band VR ?

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