Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Samsung Gear VR Will Be Available On November 20

Oculus and Samsung have announced that the Gear VR is now available for pre-order and will ship on November 20. The retail version of the Gear VR is 19% lighter, features a redesigned touchpad, and is compatible with a wider range of phones compared to the Innovator Edition.  You can use the Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 edge+, S6, and S6 edge.You can pre-order the Gear VR with Samsung, Best Buy and Amazon. The Gear VR will cost you $99. I'm interested to see how well this sells. It might be a good estimate to see if people are interested in VR and what the future of VR could look like. Yes I know the Oculus Rift is WAY more powerful but The Gear VR could be a way to expose people to VR and in return sell more Oculus Rift's. What do you think ? 

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