Thursday, November 19, 2015

Here’s What Will Be Including In The December 8 Update For Rock Band 4

Harmonix has announced on their blog, more details about the December 8 update to Rock Band 4, which will be the first major content update since the game’s launch.
Harmonix also detailed the following changes:
  • Score Challenge Features – Including an in-song indicator of when you pass a friend’s score on the leaderboard, an activity feed on the main menu, and a taunt system for when you beat a friend’s score
  • Improved Calibration – The post notes that you will have to re-calibrate your system after this update
  • Song Results Details – Additional details on the Song Result screen, including leaderboard info, and detailed gameplay statistics
  • Player Stats – A new player stats screen will show cumulative Rock Band 4 statistics, including cumulative score, and stars
  • Rock Shop Items – New items will be added to the Rock Shop
  • Auto Kick Pedal – A new option that will allow novice drummers to play just the notes, without having to worry about the kick pedal
  • A Full Combo indicator – Includes a FC icon on the leaderboard, and an indicator in song to let you know if you’re still on track to be able to FC the song

On top of everything listed above, the update will include another new gameplay mode that Harmonix isn’t talking about yet, and some bug fixes:
  • Packs and Albums in the XB1 in-game store are back in the store and contain content.
  • Fix to prevent hitches for PlayStation 4 players with 2000 Friends.
  • Improvements to microphone lag.
  • Improvements to tambourine hit sensitivity.
  • Adjustments to track transparency.

  • Leaderboards no longer mix player scores and percentages from different performances and instead show only the info for the single performance with the highest score.
  • Game no longer crashes when the vocalist joins a song that doesn’t have a vocal part.
  • Band History stats now list the correct total number of Rock Shop items.

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