Thursday, October 22, 2015

New York Times Subscribers Will Receive Google Cardboard For Free

If you’re a New York Times subscriber, then you’ll be able to get your hands on Google Cardboard for free. The Times will be sending out over 1 million Google Cardboard units to subscribers as part of the launch of their new New York Times VR app, which is launching on both iOS and Android on November 5th. For those who don’t know, Google Cardboard is a little folding cardboard box with a couple of lenses. You can fit any smartphone running iOS or Android into the headset and you can get a taste of VR technology. The New York Times is using Google Cardboard as a way to explore virtual reality’s as a news platform. New York Times VR will feature new virtual reality stories so subscribers can dive deeper in stories. If you’re a Times subscriber, Google Cardboard will come along with your paper during the weekend of November 7th. What do you think of The New York Times using VR in this way ? Its an interesting concept, lets just se how this pans out.

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